Gotland Greys

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Gotland Greys


Batch A- Fingering - Gently, Gibson, Griffin - 100g/250m                     

Batch B- Light Worsted - Gaia, Flaxen, Ghillie, Flounce - 100g/175m

Batch C- Double Knitting - Betsy, Brenda, Brooke, Beatrix - 100g/185m

Batch D- Double Knitting - Dasha, Bronte, Darcie, Dahlia, Damita - 100g/185m

Batch F- Fingering - Donatello - 100g/185m

Batch G- Light Worsted - Jolly, Bethany - 100g/195m

Pedwardine Gotlands is owned by Amanda and Barry Gray, Lincolnshire-based breeders of pedigree British Gotland Sheep. Smallholders on a continuous learning curve, first and foremost they love their animals. The farm houses five dogs, three cats, twenty-ish chickens, two cockerels, and quite a lot of sheep. The pair take their duties as shepherds quite seriously, and breed pedigree stock with soundly sourced sires and healthy dams. They love keeping sheep, and can't quite believe how amazing sheep are- very intelligent, often sneaky, always loveable, and quickly forgiving. Amanda and Barry feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to raise sheep in their lives, and want to share the sheer joy of it.

Gotland sheep were established by the Vikings on the island of Gotland, Sweden, by breeding Karakul and Romanov sheep, brought back from raids in Russia, with the landrace sheep. The Viking's seafaring society spread the Gotland sheep around the world, aiding in the development of related breeds like Icelandic, Finnsheep, Shetland, North Ronaldsay, and Manx. The development of the modern Gotland sheep has continued in Sweden through controlled breeding since the 1920's.

A flock of 110 Gotland sheep was imported to Scotland in 1972 by W. Macdonald, and along with another sizeable import by Lars and Anna Rooth to Sussex in 1984 served as the basis for the breed in Britain. Gotlands produce furskins and beautiful fleeces for spinning and felting. They are easy to lamb, motherly, have active lambs, and are hardy in nature. 

Thanks to Amanda's amazing organisational skills, we are able to tell you exactly which sheep, by name, are in each batch of our Gotland yarns. Have a look through the gallery on the flock page to see the sheep and a bit about each one.

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