Becky and Richard's families have been farmers for generations, so it is in their blood to put their all into everything they do. As times have changed they've seen an increasing need to give people an insight into what happens on farms, and help give people an understanding of modern and traditional farming techniques. Riggmoor's public displays started with a few local attractions, but the family soon got the bug for the fun and laughter their animals bring and, found it emotionally rewarding to see people get so much enjoyment from what Beck and Richard are lucky enough to take for granted.

The pair had long had a flock of Bluefaced Leicesters before they began breeding pedigree registered BFL sheep 15 years ago. The flock now has 40 ewes, and Becky and Richard focus on producing quality tups for North of England Mule breeders. By no means is the BFL flock the sole wooly inhabitant of the farm, Becky and Richard also have a large flock of Swaledale sheep, and North of England Mules. It's a family affair as well- their daughter has a flock of Dutch Texel, and their son a flock of Suffolks. Recently Riggmoor has become one of only a handful of founder importers of the completely adorable Valais Blacknose Sheep. 

The Bluefaced Leicester breed was developed through a breeding scheme run by Robert Bakewell in the 1700's. Originally known as the Dishly Leicester, the sheep were and are bred  primarily for meat, and it is only in recent years that use of the fleece for spinning has become widespread and desirable. BFL tups are the most popular crossing sire across Britain, and have played roles in developing new sheep breeds like the North of England Mule. The colour of the sheep's head skin is dark blue showing through white hair, thus the name Bluefaced evolved.