Helen Browning Organics

For those unaware, I've traveled across land and sea to spend a month with the lovely folks here at Helen Browning Organics, at her pub, The Royal Oak, and her organic farm, Eastbrook. Most of my time has been spent in the kitchen, where head chef Rikki McCowen has graciously put up with my ineptitudes and lack of commercial kitchen experience. After one week, I've already learned loads and hopefully the kitchen staff find me a bit more useful than when I started.


Tim Finney, pub proprietor, and the lovely man that made this adventure possible, allowed me the pleasure of visiting the farm's butcher in Laverstoke yesterday. Two pig carcasses from the farm awaited us, and the butcher assisted us in cutting it up to saleable parts, which we weighed and recorded.  It's bloody cold in a butcher's, but it's made up for by the wonderful blue coat, booties, and cap I got to wear.

Eastbrook farm is an incredible organic operation on gorgeous premises. The Royal Oak serves pork and beef reared on the farm, as well as locally grown seasonal produce. Come visit the farm and pub while I'm here in Wiltshire, it's a lovely location, great real ales, and wonderful food. Bring a copy of A Feast of Ice and Fire, and I'll sign it for you! More updates on my explorations and misadventures in Bishopstone to come...