Huevos Haminados

I'm visiting my parents for Passover this weekend, with about 12 other relatives. Needless to say, I've been recruited to help in the kitchen - not that I mind, but I've decided to expand my Passover cooking horizons this year, and branch out by including some traditional Sephardic Jewish Passover recipes as well. These eggs were the first round of culinary exploration.

Eggs are a traditional part of the Passover table, in fact there is one on the  seder plate. The roundness of the egg symbolises the circle of life, and the recurring seasons. These eggs, with their greenery imprinted on them, are a perfect symbol of Spring and the renewal of life. And they taste pretty darn good, too.

The recipe I used can be found here. It is traditionally slow cooking dish, to allow preparation before, and cooking during the Shabbat. However, if you would like these to be ready for your seder tonight, simply replace the baking with low heat simmering for as long as desired. I simmered these eggs, and they came out beautifully. I also cut a number  of ingredients, and ended up simmering the eggs with just onion skins and peppercorns.

Happy Passover!